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Web Presence Management for a New Mobile App — Snapchat & Peach

By Chip Roberson on March 09, 2016

All around us, the world seems to be going “mobile first”. Given almost all of us walk around with a powerful computer in our pocket, that’s not terribly surprising. However, if you’re an enterprise trying to keep track of each corporate web presence, new mobile-only apps like Snapchat and Peach may be causing you some frustration. 

How do you find and keep track of the accounts your employees may be creating to represent (or protect) your products and brands? It’s not like there is an obvious URL one can type into a browser to go to the app as the whole user experience happens on the phone.

However, all is not lost.

While it may seem that each mobile app is an island to itself, that’s usually not true – especially when the app is just getting started. When the app is young, it focuses mainly on building an audience and that requires a streamlined sign-up and invitation process.

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What's another URL among friends, Facebook?

By Chip Roberson on October 28, 2015

LEAVE IT TO FACEBOOK... randomly change the ground under your feet. Of all the things which are important to your business' web presence, the addresses people use to find you is near the top of the list. Lose your URL and you can become invisible.

However, URLs pose another problem which most businesses don't take into consideration: the fact that you can have too many URLs for the same web property. And now it seems that Facebook has decided to give your business page one more.

Big deal, you might say? Well if you're a large organization with lots of brands or locations, your problems just got multiplied...

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What is Your Corporate Web Presence?

By Chip Roberson on August 11, 2015

If you asked your colleagues in the marketing, PR, or IT departments "How big is our corporate web presence?”, would they give you a consistent answer? What if you included your colleagues over in legal, risk, and compliance? Would you start to get a consensus or would you just get more answers that don't agree?

According to a 2013 report by the Altimeter Group at least 13 different departments within the enterprise have a stake in the corporate social media presence alone. However, what each group imagines when they talk about corporate web presence may vary widely. Are they concerned about trademark protection (e.g. legal), or managing registrations for corporate domain names (e.g. IT), or all the product and campaign points-of-presence (e.g Marketing and PR)? It is even possible your colleague might alter her answer based on what she thinks you need to hear, due to your role. 

Most businesses today lack a comprehensive and consistent inventory of their corporate web presence and that is partly because the world has been changing so quickly that few have had time to agree upon a common definition of "corporate web presence." 

So, let's fix that.

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The Importance of Social Media During M&A Due Diligence

By Chip Roberson on August 03, 2015

Many companies now disclose domain names as part of the due diligence process of a corporate merger or acquisition but social media is often an afterthought...and a painful one. Fortunately, the legal profession is starting to take note as evidenced by this insightful article, "Acquisitions: Are you doing your #duediligence?", by Siobhán Langwade and Kate Schmit of Stevens & Bolton LLP.

In the year and half we've been offering the Brandle Presence Manager as a platform for discovering and inventorying a corporate social media footprint, we have discovered:

  • Companies consistently and greatly underestimate the size of the corporate web presence.
  • No company has a single, complete and accurate inventory of their web properties.
  • Headquarters often does not know which employees created and/or manages which properties.
  • Credentials (passwords) are often not centrally managed nor available for all properties.
  • Control of these accounts is at greater risk of being lost post acquisition and regaining control can be a painful, slow and relatively expensive process.
  • Once the acquisition is complete, this becomes the headache of the acquiring company.

Social media accounts are intangible property and now an important part of the list of assets for the target company. Here’s how to secure the social media properties as part of the merger and acquisition due diligence process.

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Why A Social Media Audit Is Not Enough

By Chip Roberson on July 17, 2015

Many companies come to us with the request "Can you run a social media audit so we can update our spreadsheet(s)?" While the answer is "Yes, we can..." there is a very big caveat: "... but your data will be out of date very quickly.”  

Unfortunately, social media is not like an email address or phone number which the company can control who gets one, when and for how long. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all operate by their own rules. Anybody, inside or outside your company can create a new (or modify an existing) social media presence (or new domain) that purports to represent your business...and this can happen on a daily basis. which makes auditing your social media presence a challenge.

The challenge with conducting an audit for web and social media accounts is that the web is a dynamic world and a single audit that produces a static spreadsheet is out of date the moment it is completed.

For good digital and social media governance, you need to perform a continual audit that produces a dynamic inventory!

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A List of Brands on Ello

By Chip Roberson on October 20, 2014

With the new social network Ello getting 30,000-40,000 signup requests per hour, the platform has attracted our interest at Brandle. As you may know, our Brandle Presence Manager helps companies discover and track points-of-presence on the web where their enterprise appears to be represented, so this mad rush to create accounts made us wonder "who is really on this network?"

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Enterprise Social Media Account Management

By Chip Roberson on August 20, 2014

Taming Your Enterprise Social Media Presence

Your boss has just asked you to inventory all the social media accounts used across the enterprise. On the surface, enterprise social media account management may sound simple to your boss but you know it's nothing but.... That's because social media points-of-presence (POPs) can be created by anyone at any time without any form of control or oversight by you or your team.

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Social media ROI vs. Opportunity Cost

By Chip Roberson on April 23, 2014

To successfully use social media in an enterprise often requires support from the C-Suite. However, when it comes to getting buy-in from the C-level execs, the argument is often "What's the Social Media ROI?" That's certainly a reasonable question but it should not be the only question that is asked. Here's why.

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Why Social Media Security & Authenticity Require Vigilance

By Chip Roberson on April 15, 2014

This morning I awoke to a private message from an old and distant friend. I don't hear from her very often so this caught my attention. Why was she reaching out to me?

It turns out she had just received a friend request from me via Facebook. I thought this was odd since we're already "friends". I mean, we were talking over Facebook at that very moment! Fortunately, she was skeptical enough to double check with me as this didn't seem right.

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How to Avoid HIPAA Violations in Social Media

By Chip Roberson on December 02, 2013

HIPAA - those are five letters that keep healthcare compliance and risk officers awake at night.

As we've explored before, a business of any size is going to be challenged to stay on top of its social footprint. When we've run social presence audits for hospital networks, we usually find a multitude of social media "points of presence" including those for the corporate brand, individual hospitals, specialty centers, departments, programs, campaigns, doctors, nurses and even the gift shop!

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