Do You Have Control of Your Brands Across the Web? 

With Brandle, Your Branded World is All in the Palm of Your Hand!




The Brandle® Presence Manager. Social Media Governance and Web Presence Management.

Brandle is the easiest way to Discover, Monitor, Manage and Protect the online properties that represent your brands (including rogue and counterfeit accounts), and the relationships of those associating with your brands! Social Media Accounts, Websites, Blogs, and Domains.

Discover What you Don't Know with a Social Media Audit

What you don’t know can hurt you! Brandle begins a web and social media audit by looking for points of presence (POPs) across the web – authorized or unauthorized  that match your brand. Claim, ignore, or investigate them. Then keep a continuous web and social media audit program with Brand Patrol.

Deep Inventory Monitoring with Automated Compliance Criteria 

Throw away the spreadsheets and use a collaborative living inventory system to track digital and social properties important to your company, including Ad Accounts. Manage your data with a rich tagging system. Let our criteria find compliance concerns and quickly remediate with POP owners. Brandle delivers best-in-class social media security.

Work Across Teams and Outside Contacts to Secure Your Brand

There are a lot of stakeholders in a social business: Marketing, Sales, Legal, IT, Risk, Products. Brandle enables teamwork across the enterprise and around the globe. Need to manage and monitor your entire ecosystem of employees, partners, and influencers?  Brandle's got you covered.



The Only Platform that Captures 100% of Your Digital Brand Inventory. 

Brandle discovers branded POPs that are legitimate, rogue, and counterfeit across supported social media networks and websites.  But supported sites are only part of your digital ecosystem! What about your Apps and the POPs on industry networks and other global networks? Brandle has seven different inputs to capture 100% of your inventory. Now that's best-in-class social media governance! 



It's Your Brand Reputation! Optimize the Good and Shut Down the Bad.

Sure, Brandle finds the bad actors so you can shut them down. But social media governance is about protecting and optimizing your brand. Brandle has everything you need to clean up the web of bad properties and optimize your good POPs to strengthen your corporate and brand reputation.


Leading Global Companies Trust Brandle!

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Guidance for Your Social Media Governance Plan 

Download the 2nd Edition of our Social Media Governance Plan E-book today. Update your governance to include best-in-class digital brand and risk management processes used by global enterprises!

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Build a Strong Social Media Governance Team

If you are a global company with brands and marketing in multiple languages, you likely have a complex organizational structure. Build the best governance team with stakeholders from across your enterprise and protect your brand.

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Need to Create Your Corporate Social Media Governance Plan? Download Our e-Book to Learn Best Practices!

Managing a social media governance program has a lot of moving parts; especially if you are a regulated company or a global enterprise with dispersed teams. Our e-book was designed to help you learn best practices for creating and managing a strong Social Media Governance Program. Take a look and see how your current governance plan can be updated!