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Social Media Governance and Web Presence Management. Protect Your Brands. Protect Your Company.

Let's face it, the web is a risky place. It takes just 5 minutes for an employee, partner, or bad-actor to create accounts using your brand and misleading your customers. The risk to your corporate reputation, data security, and profitability is significant. In fact, the past several year's Deloitte's Global Risk Survey and AON's Global Risk Management Survey state that damage to brand reputation due to technology risks top the list of corporate risk concerns! That's why delivering powerful social media governance solutions is top of mind for Brandle. We want you to have control over your brand and manage the digital risks critical to your business. 



Control in the Palm of your Hand

It's time to throw away the spreadsheets and gain real control of your online brand. Step-up to an automated system that helps you manage your brand and compliance across the web and around the world. Whether you're the global Social Strategist of a CPG company or the Compliance Officer of a leading bank, Brandle gives you the control you need to discover, monitor and manage the digital points of presence (POPs) that either represent or relate to your company!

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