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Governance of Social Media in Financial Services is Critical! Avoid Regulatory Fines with Proactive Social Media Compliance.


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Regulatory compliance is imperative for businesses in the financial and mortgage services industry. Running a close second is brand reputation and customer trust. Corporations in these industries need to have the tools to monitor their digital web presence for a number of reasons, but particularly for issues related to compliance. Legal requirements stated in Fair Lending Laws, the Consumer Protection Act, and Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council guidelines can make it difficult for corporations to maintain compliance across all of their corporate and employee digital points-of-presence (especially for mortgage loan officers and securities salespeople). This is why social media in financial services companies requires a best-in-class governance process.

In addition, everything from forgotten employee accounts, ex-employee accounts (that still state employment at previous company), abandoned branch websites, and accounts/websites created by third-party individuals (both well-meaning and otherwise) can create problems for professionals working in the financial and mortgage services industry. This is worrying for businesses looking to ensure brand consistency and remain compliant across different digital channels. It’s important for these companies to also be aware of social media accounts and websites created by executives –– since posts from these accounts can affect legal compliance and brand reputation as well.

With Brandle, marketing compliance directors can create a definitive inventory of their entire digital footprint. This includes sites created by the company and its employees, in addition to websites and accounts that use the company’s DBA's and sales teams that work under a team name. Professionals can discover, manage, and monitor websites and accounts related to their business with Brandle. They can also utilize our SaaS to ensure that their customer base only interacts with their business through approved, brand-compliant channels. Since Brandle's technology doesn't require account access in order to monitor, your compliance team can view the entire digital presence of the company and all employees and keep tabs on accounts that affect the corporate brand. (This includes micro-pages and any URL that your team chooses to submit into your Discovery via a Brandle Form.)

Brandle will help businesses in the financial and mortgage services industry do all of the following:

  • Perform social media audits.
  • Help find compliance concerns.
  • Protect your brand reputation by presenting inconsistencies.
  • Identify rogue or dormant accounts.
  • Monitor regional location (branch) accounts and websites.
  • Monitor employee and third party accounts

Brandle is a global social media governance tool. This means that Brandle software helps businesses build an inventory of sites that relate to their brand –– regardless of physical location or who created the account.

Brandle’s GRC module (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) is designed specifically to help businesses achieve social media compliance standards, whether regulatory or brand compliance). Trying to manage a large inventory of social media accounts and websites is an uphill battle without this essential tool. 

By giving businesses the ability to accurately monitor and manage your digital ecosystem, Brandle allows you to maintain compliance while building your online brand reputation.


Social Media Account Monitoring —
No Credential  Access Needed!

Monitoring a huge inventory of social accounts is a challenge. But requiring employees or other third-parties to give account control to a SaaS vendor is an impossible task. Brandle discovers and monitors WITHOUT credential control! Gain brand and regulatory compliance across your corporate POPs and the branded POPs of your key relationships. You've got this!