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“Brandle is the first comprehensive system that gives the social enterprise the tools it needs to discover and manage its inventory of online brand assets. We believe these points of presence should be considered as true corporate assets that are critical to your brand equity and your business!”


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About Us

At Brandle®, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive system for companies to easily manage their web presence — the online points of presence (POPs) of their brands, identities, and relationships. The name Brandle stands for Brand + Handle and we are here to help enterprise companies "get a handle on your brand". Our patent-pending technology is at the heart of our enterprise management solution called the Brandle Presence Manager.

The rise of “social business” has expanded the number of places where a company’s brand or identity is represented (or even misrepresented). These points of presence (POPs) can be from social media platforms, blogs, or websites. Today, the problem is escalating as more enterprises are creating a “social workforce” by empowering their employees to engage with customers using personal social media accounts. This has created a significant challenge for businesses to keep track of all these brand points of presence (POPs) and the methods currently available (e.g. spreadsheets) are ad hoc and not up to the task.

To date, systems for managing social media have focused primarily on content - what the brand communicates and what others communicate about the brand. We believe that before a company worries about content at a point of presence (POP), it needs to secure the POP itself.


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