Brandle®Brand Patrol

The Brand Patrol Module delivers social media brand protection for the brands you care about most. Brandle Discovery does a great job at conducting your web and social media audit at the beginning of your account creation and every year at contract renewal.  But some brands require frequent web and social media network oversight. That's why we created the Brand Patrol module.

With Brand Patrol, Brandle continually audits social media networks and the web and presents potential matches to you with email alerts and places the matches in the Brandle Presence Manager Discovery tab.

Corporate Executives site that the #1 risk to the company is potential damage to brand reputation. The avenue for these risks is social media and websites! The social media brand protection that Brand Patrol provides is essential to manage the risks to your brand reputation. 

For companies that need to monitor people (such as employees in regulated businesses, or companies with an aggressive social sales program), People Patrol keeps a watch for social accounts and websites that associate with your brand.

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Brand Patrol

The Brand Patrol module conducts a continual audit on the key identities, brands, campaigns and trade names that are important to your business. Select a nightly, weekly or monthly patrolling schedule.

Receive email Alerts when new web or social properties are created using these identities. 
View results of Patrolled Identities in the identities Tab.

People Patrol

People Patrol looks for your employees or partners that associate with your brand. Patrolling will occur on the same schedule as your Brand Patrol. People Patrol is managed on the Contacts Tab within the Brandle Presence Manager.

Receive Alerts when new web or social properties are created using these identities. 

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