Social Media Compliance


Social Media Compliance is the process of ensuring that social accounts adhere with the company's policies and procedures, as well as laws and regulations that govern your industry.

Brandle GRC Module is designed to search for your compliance criteria and send you alerts when accounts fail. Pull reports on compliance status on all social accounts or a subset. It's our goal to make your compliance job easier!
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Creating a checklist of compliance criteria for each type of social account that relates to your company is a great start! The type of account may be: corporate account, employee account, partner account, community account, sponsorship account, etc. Also, be sure to include social network generated pages (such as Place Pages) in your compliance process.

Some of the items to consider include:

Corporate Social Media Compliance

  • Corporate Social Media Policy
  • Corporate Brand Standards
  • Employee Advocacy Policy
  • Requirements for Social Account (such as posting date schedules)

Regulated Industry Social Media Compliance

There are industries that have specific laws and regulations for using social media to communicate with consumers. The key industries that need to adhere to compliance standards include: Financial (including Mortgage companies), Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Alcoholic Beverage. To see the requirements of each industry, take a look at our Regulations and Laws page in Resources.

Companies need to be aware of their responsibility for the compliance of employee accounts, as well as thecorporate accounts. For example, a financial company can be fined for non-compliance of their mortgage loan officers' and financial analysts' social accounts.

Creating a criteria checklist of the necessary items required in social media use is essential. The mortgage industry has a significant criteria list as they are not only governed by the FFIEC but by each state's regulations as well. To help, we have created a Mortgage Compliance Checklist which will get you started.

You can also check out the Mortgage Risk Report: 

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