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Social Media Management in Marketing Departments Has Expanded to Include Governance. Protect, Manage & Optimize Your Digital Brand!



Top Use Cases for Marketing

Social Media Governance

Social Media Audit

Brand Standards Compliance

Brand Reputation Protection

Counterfeit and Rogue Account Discovery

VIP & Executive Protection

Social Employee Brand Ambassador Monitoring

Influencer and Partner Monitoring


You invest a lot in your brand.  How are you protecting your corporate brand reputation? 

A significant percent of your company's budget is dedicated to online marketing activities, channels, and relationships. Whether that budget is driving sales, strengthening relationships, or building brand equity, brand consistency and reputation safety are critical! After all, risks to the corporation via social media has been an increasing threat year-after-year. If social media governance isn’t on your radar — it should be. Because Social media management in marketing departments across the globe are adding a centralized social media governance team to the mix. 

It’s never been more important to protect, manage, and optimize your company’s digital brand.  

The Brandle Presence Manager allows marketers to have a single source of truth regarding your entire branded ecosystem  — from corporate accounts to your employee brand ambassadors, partners and influencers. One centralized living inventory to quickly determine brand inconsistencies and to monitor the health of your ecosystem (including corporate and third-party social media accounts, websites, and blogs that either represent or relate to  your brands).

With Brandle, you can:

  • Discover counterfeit and rogue  social media accounts that represent or relate to your brands on global networks (as well as websites, domains, and blogs). 
  • Inventory and Monitor 100%  of points-of-presence (POPs) that represent or relate to your brand. Brandle allows submission of apps, social media accounts, blogs and websites! 
  • Automatically Review brand standards, regulatory standards, profile changes and posts.
  • Track Workflow and communication with team members and account owners that don't have access to Brandle  
  • Collaborate with global team members to ensure accurate local implementation.
  • Report on governance, KPIs, and brand strength


What is Social Media Governance?

Social media governance is not just about protecting your brand as a risk management practice. It is also about strengthening your brand, by ensuring your brand standards and voice are consistent across platforms and relationships. And good governance is all about detecting risks and controlling brand standards in order to optimize your brand reputation. You need to manage the GOOD as well as mitigate risks from the BAD.  

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