Brandle for Digital and Website Professionals 

You Know that Web Presence Management for Digital Directors is More than Domain Management. It's Time for a New Solution.


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Use Cases for Digital Directors

Website and domain discovery inside and outside corporate digital protocol

Complete domain monitoring

Referenced website pointing

Website page match comparison

M&A Digital review and confirmation of transfer


Find Websites and Domains Registered Outside Protocol. See How Websites are Linked to Social Accounts. And More...

Web presence management for digital professionals extends far beyond domain registration and management, even if you have a top-notch domain management company! The corporate website and domain portfolio is a great start for Brandle (as it's the strongest place for a full corporate identity view, which makes it the best library source for online brand protection). But Brandle then uses that identity portfolio to provide other data important to your role.

There are three top reasons why Brandle includes an extensive website and domain program:

1) The digital team produces the broadest identity profile for the company and includes corporate, product, tagline and key employee names in its domain registration. It also includes a strong defensive name strategy, acquired brands, and other important corporate identities to the domain portfolio. This portfolio is important to building your entire Brandle brand protection strategy online and should be monitored.

2) Monitoring the social accounts linked to websites and blogs is important to ensure the customer links to the correct page from the social account referenced website link. Brandle centralizes these websites and clearly shows which social accounts it is linked. Should you need to change a path, you can quickly update the social account manager through the Brandle Presence Manager.

3) Discovering counterfeit and rogue domains and websites is important to corporate brand protection!


How Brandle Helps You Manage More

Unlike other products, our software ensures that digital directors can quickly and easily review websites and domains that represent or relate to their branded portfolio in one central inventory. With the Brandle Presence Manager, you can:

  • Identify broken or outdated links and alert social account owners.
  • Collaborate with global team members.
  • Implement company policy across registrations –– including those registered by employees outside corporate protocol.
  • Discover counterfeit websites and domains or those using your IP and begin C&D process.
  • Discover employee domains and websites using company email on personal website registration.
  • Automatically compare website pages to determine page matching.
  • Conduct M&A Review of soon-to-be acquired brand portfolio and ensure registration transfer.

Brandle offers a level of intelligence and insight, automatically at your fingertips.