Brandle for Information Technology Professionals

Social Media Security for IT. We've Got You Covered Beyond the Firewall!



Top Use Cases

Digital Footprint View Beyond the Firewall

Security Review of Attached Tools

Password Vault Integration

API Access

SAML Integration



Social Media Security and IT. We know the risks you're trying to manage and Brandle can help.

We understand what's on your plate: Ensuring that technology is serving the departments of the company while you manage the security of the company. We also understand that corporate and employee use of social media can present a whole host of challenges outside of your control.

With Brandle, you have a lot at your fingertips:
  • Know the full digital footprint and risk profile beyond the firewall.
  • Monitor properties that present a higher risk profile
  • Brandle Password Vault can integrate with preferred password solution.
  • Incorporate integrations for increased security
  • Incorporate integrations for increased data analysis
  • Communicate and track history of issues with a global team.

One centralized Discovery of what you don't know, and a centralized Inventory of  what you and your team care about most.