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Social Media in Retail — It's All About Brand Reputation! Ensure You Keep Your Online Brand Trustworthy.

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Top Use Cases for Retail

Social Media Governance

Social Media Audit

Counterfeit Account Discovery

Location Account Discovery & Monitoring

Brand Compliance & Reputation Protection

Stale Account Review and Procedures

Account Manager Oversight

Social Selling Program Monitoring


Retail businesses depend on accurate and consistent brand presentation to their customers in order to build a positive brand reputation. Counterfeit accounts, “stale” accounts that have gone dormant, unofficial fan pages, and other non-authorized sites and accounts can all pose a threat to a retail company’s brand reputation. Customers may find it difficult to tell the difference between a genuine account and one set up by someone outside of your business, and their experience is likely to suffer as a result. Non-responsive accounts on social media also can act to damage the relationship between a business and its customer base. Social media in retail is all about brand reputation and being trustworthy.

Businesses in the retail sector also have to contend with managing a large digital presence that often matches their physical presence. If a department stores has 52 stores, then they may have 52 localized social accounts and many of those sales people operating with a social sales account.  As well as customer support channels. It can be difficult for social media directors at the corporate level to 1) identify all of these accounts and 2) ensure they all remain brand compliant. 3) ensure place pages are being merged, and 4) keep track of local account managers. Inconsistent company pages that contain incorrect information, outdated logos, or that deviate from company policy represent a threat to your business’s reputation. This disconnect between regional activity and corporate strategy can also lead to a number of issues regarding customer support.

Brandle technology allows businesses in the retail sector to improve their social media governance efforts in meaningful ways. Businesses that use Brandle can create a living inventory of websites and social media accounts that are related to their business and keep track of the account managers who operate the accounts locally. Businesses can also apply criteria to help them manage a large social footprint; criteria like: has it been over two weeks since the account manager last posted, is the correct referenced website on the social profile, is the correct logo used in the avatar, etc. In this way, the corporate social media director can keep tabs on the important points of presence that dictate brand reputation online.

Brandle helps companies manage and monitor active accounts, in addition to discovering counterfeit accounts, or accounts that have gone dormant or “rogue.” From performing social media audits to location account discovery, to helping businesses achieve brand compliance, Brandle products are essential for companies looking to protect and improve their company’s reputation.