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Social Media in Hospitality Has Unique Challenges. Ensure Your Brand Reputation Stays Strong Across Your Digital Channels!

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Businesses in the hospitality and food & beverage industry that have many locations, require a strong web presence management strategy. Web presence management includes all digital channels that need to be tracked such as: websites, social media accounts, blogs, apps, and even yelp. Wherever your customers might be looking, you want to make sure you are monitoring. Best practices for social media in hospitality and F&B ensures that consumers interact with your business through (mostly) approved company channels; they also help businesses maintain a positive brand reputation and identify potential problems within their entire digital ecosystem.

Without a  plan, businesses in the hospitality and food & beverage industries face a number of risks related to their digital brand. Some of those issues include:

  • Proliferation of local storefront/hotel/restaurant accounts without oversight
  • UnManaged Place Page accounts that have not been merged and where consumers are posting.
  • Hater accounts created by individuals not related to your company who wish to damage your brand’s reputation.
  • Forgotten accounts created by employees that have been inactive for months or years. (These pages can quickly irritate customers!)
  • Inconsistent brand implementation across different accounts (usually on the local level).
  • Lack of control or knowledge of local account managers and account credentials.

Poor web presence and social media governance can negatively affect the business-consumer relationship.

Brandle ensures that corporations with multiple locations are able to create a living inventory of all sites related to their business. This inventory lists social media accounts and websites that were either created by company employees, or created by third-parties and use your company’s information. (Examples include community pages that use your company’s name in its URL.) Brandle does not require account access to monitor an account/website that is connected with your brand. With this inventory, social media directors can prioritize sites that relate to their brand, identify potential threats, and monitor information regarding localized accounts –– such as the meta data and when the last post occurred. And they can manage these local accounts through one, centralized program. Only with Brandle can companies gain access to such a wide variety of points of presence online.

Brandle software enables digital, social media and other professionals to view an inventory that represents 100% of their digital footprint. With this invaluable tool, businesses with multiple locations and accounts can perform social media audits, find counterfeit and inactive accounts, monitor and review accounts for specific locations, protect their brand, and maintain brand compliance.