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A Compliance Prescription for Social Media in Healthcare and Pharma

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There are few things more valuable than a business’s reputation. And risks to brand reputation are especially high for companies managing social media in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Not only do businesses in these industries need to protect their corporate identity, but they also need to ensure products and services are represented accurately online and with no HIPAA violations. that's why Pharma and Healthcare social media compliance is critical.

Each industry has particular issues around their digital footprint and social media compliance. For the healthcare industry, there may be concern about misrepresentation of a social account or HIPAA violations. Doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals may illegally share private healthcare information on their personal accounts, yet, their employer may be held accountable for such violations. There is also concern about managing local pages and Facebook-generated place pages for a large network of clinics. And what about partner accounts and websites that relate to their business — is the partner compliant and upholding their brand reputation? Social media in healthcare requires a high level of governance excellence.

For Pharma, HIPAA regulations still apply, but there are greater issues around counterfeit and rogue account proliferation using company and drug names. The ongoing social media audit and digital governance needs are not insignificant! Add the community pages that should be monitored and the Facebook-generated pages where patients may be posting drug side-effects, and the company has a global branded footprint in the thousands (if not over 10,000). That's a lot to manage and it's impossible to manage on a spreadsheet.

Mergers and acquisitions that occur in this field may also contribute to the challenge of managing a branded digital ecosystem. After mergers, businesses may lose track of certain valuable accounts or websites, misplace login information, and inadvertently lose access to a customer base as a result. Even when you have a clean credential exchange, there is still a significant re-branding effort on the horizon. (Another job made easier by Brandle).

Businesses in these industries require a strong web presence and social media governance program to help mitigate risks and optimize your online brand. With Brandle, businesses can compile a comprehensive living inventory of websites and social media accounts that represent and relate to their brand, whether authorized or unauthorized. Brandle then helps businesses identify threats to their brand reputation and provide the tools to communicate with your team to fix them. By giving businesses the ability to accurately monitor and manage your digital ecosystem, they are able to maintain compliance while building your online brand reputation.