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Brandle® Products

Let's face it, the web is a risky place. It takes just 5 minutes for an employee, partner, or bad-actor to create accounts using your brand and misleading your customers. The risk to your corporate reputation, data security, and profitability is significant. In fact, the past several year's of Deloitte's Global Risk Survey states that damage to brand reputation due to technology risks top the list of corporate risk concerns! That's why ensuring powerful social media governance and control over your corporate risks is critical to your business.

At Brandle, we are dedicated to creating products that help companies manage these risks with sound web presence management and social media governance. Our flagship product, and the foundation of our patent-pending technology, is the Brandle Presence Manager.

Brandle  Presence Manager for Enterprise 

The Brandle Presence Manager is a SaaS solution that allows companies to discover, inventory, monitor and patrol their web and social presence giving marketers, risk managers, and legal teams the insight and control they need to ensure their brand is not being misrepresented online. Brandle focuses on all of the data which might identify a web property as relating to your enterprise. These web properties may be representing a brand, company or person.

There are three add-on modules to strengthen your Web Presence Management and Social Media Governance:

  • Brand Patrol Module — Patrols for brand, campaign and tradenames.

  • People Patrol Module — Patrols for people, such as employees or certified partners.

  • GRC Module — Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (Regulatory and Corporate Brand Standards)

Add one or all modules to the Brandle Presence Manager, depending on your risk management needs.  

The more you work with Brandle, the stronger the Brandle algorithm becomes, ensuring better social media governance, brand protection and social media security on the brands and identities you care about most!


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