The Brandle® Platform. 

A Suite of Social Media Governance and Web Presence Management Products.




Brandle, Inc. was the first company to offer social media governance and web presence management products. Now we're the first to offer cross-platform Ad Accounts Management!

At Brandle, we are dedicated to creating SaaS solutions that help companies manage their branded properties and monitor the properties that relate to their brands. This includes managing brand standards, processes, and mitigating the risks associated with being an enterprise active on social media.  It also means managing the domain and website portfolio. Brandle is single source of knowledge where all of a company's branded properties (and properties that relate to their brands) are inventoried and monitored. 

Our flagship product, and the foundation of our patent-pending technology, is the Brandle Presence Manager. It's all you need to discover, monitor and protect your digital brand across the web.

The Brandle Presence Manager is a SaaS solution that allows companies to discover, inventory, monitor and patrol their web and social presence giving marketers, risk managers, and legal teams the insight and control they need to ensure their brand is not being misrepresented online. Brandle focuses on all of the data which might identify a web property as relating to your enterprise. These web properties may be representing a brand, company or person.

Brandle supports these social media networks , websites and blogs:

Brandle Supported

Brandle also allows you to add the points of presence (POPs) of other social networks, apps, and vertical platforms so you can monitor 100% of your entire inventory. 

There are three add-on modules and integrations to strengthen your Web Presence Management and Social Media Governance:

  • Brand Patrol Module — Patrols for brand, campaign and trade names that make up your identity profile and the are names you need to protect.

  • GRC Module — Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Automatically applies Regulatory and Corporate Brand Standards and tracks approval status of your POP (point-of-presence) Inventory.

  • Integrations — Brandle offers SAML, CyberArk, and API integrations to support your security and integration needs.

  • NEW Ad Accounts Manager — Brandle now gives you the ability to track your Ad Accounts for social media spend (and Google spend). It is the first SaaS solution that gives you control over your ad accounts cross-platform and around the world. This the third module available for the Brandle Presence Manager.

Add the modules and integrations you need to the Brandle Presence Manager, depending on your governance and risk management needs.  

The more you work with Brandle, the stronger the Brandle algorithm becomes, ensuring better social media governance, brand protection and social media security on the brands and identities you care about most!

The Brandle Presence Manager is the easiest way to discover, monitor and protect your digital brand and the advertising dollars associated with your company!


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