Social Media Governance


Social Media Governance is primarily about protecting your brand as a risk management practice.

Secondarily, it is about strengthening your brand, such as ensuring brand standards and voice are consistent across platforms, which strengthens brand reputation.


Social media governance is an ongoing process with the primary goal of mitigating risks for your company. Research shows that corporations consider reputation damage as the most crucial risk concern with technology threats in the top ten. Social media risks fall under both of these risk concerns. 

To be successful at managing social media risks, it is critical to have a Social Media Governance Plan in place and to work the plan. It is also critical to ensure the plan ties into the overall corporate risk management program.

Whether you are creating your first Social Media Governance Plan or updating your current one, you need to make sure you cover all of the elements that are important to your company.


Steps to Strong Social Media Governance

The key steps to strong corporate social media governance include:

  1. Gather the Corporate Stakeholders of Social Media Governance (across all lines of business and departments)
  2. Review Corporate Risk Management Priorities
  3. Review the Corporate Goals for Social Media Governance
  4. Analyze Previous Successes, Failures, and Changes
  5. Social Media, Employment, and Industry Law and Regulation Review
  6. Review Corporate Social Media Policy
  7. Social Network/Platform Review
  8. Social Media Audit Process — Discovery 
  9. Social Media Governance Process
  10. Procedures when Risk Event Occurs
  11. Train Employees on Social Media Governance
  12. Monitoring Procedures to Ensure Governance
  13. Review Cycle for Governance Plan


At Brandle, we are seeing more companies spearhead governance to gain a focused and controlled web presence practice. With the Brandle Presence Manager, global companies are gaining better control over their social media presence as well as oversight of other organizations and people who are associating themselves with a brand. All of these online points of presence are customer touch points that add, or subtract, from brand reputation. Perhaps this is the year that control of your digital brand presence is a key corporate business goal for social media governance.

If you are interested in learning the steps to create a best-in-class governance program, download our Social Media Governance Plan E-Book and gain control of your brand presence!

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