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Brandle is pleased to announce that we are a CyberArk Connected Partner! Now it's easy to automate social media credential confirmation between the Brandle Presence Manager Inventory and CyberArk. If you use CyberArk for your social media passwords, then you're in luck! Let's get your Brandle account and CyberArk talking so you can ensure all your passwords are up to date and secure!

Brandle also works in conjunction with many SaaS solutions that address the content stream of social media, giving customers a one-stop solution for their social media governance program. If you are interested in partnering with Brandle to present your archiving, publishing, or sentiment analysis systems alongside Brandle's web presence solution, please contact us.



Brandle® Referral Program

Grow Your Business with Brandle!

At Brandle, we recognize that many enterprises turn to agencies, consultants and luminaries to help support their digital and social media challenges. You are the experts in our field and you know what it takes to build a Social Enterprise, to lay down social media governance and risk mitigation plans, and to navigate the challenges of each stakeholder across the company. You know the challenges are even greater when a company is in a regulated industry that needs to monitor and comply with laws and regulations —not only for their corporate sites but for all of their employee sites. You’ve seen how Brandle solves these challenges and you’ve been generous with your introductions! That’s why we created the Brandle Referral Program. Now, when you introduce us to companies that need the Brandle Presence Manager, and your contact becomes our customer, we will share the love with you! It’s easy to become a Brandle Approved Agency and begin earning referral fees.

  • Apply as a Brandle Approved Agency.
  • Introduce a potential customer to Brandle by way of an email, phone call, or personal contact.
  • Register the introduction to Brandle by simply filling out the Register Company Prospect form (which you will receive once you become an approved agency.
  • Brandle takes care of the rest – tracking the original introduction back to you!
  • You’ve earned a Brandle Referral Fee!


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Support Your Customers with Governance!

The Brandle Presence Manager is the social media governance and brand protection solution that helps companies discover, inventory, monitor and patrol their web and social media sites.  It helps companies get a handle on their brand and helps them manage reputation, compliance, and general business risks that may arise from social media. If you would like to help your customers with social media governance and web presence management, contact us at and learn more about our Brandle Referral Program.