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Social Media in CPG. Is Your Online Brand Trustworthy and Consistent in Every Country Where You Sell Products?

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Top Use Cases for CPG

Counterfeit Account Discovery

Brand Compliance

Brand Reputation Protection

Social Media Audit

Global Digital Footprint Control

Global Social Governance


Businesses in the CPG industry love to engage consumers on their social media accounts in order to promote products. But are your customers visiting the official accounts? It’s imperative for businesses to ensure that customers (and prospective buyers) only interact with them through the authorized channels. Old or forgotten accounts, unofficial fan communities, and fraudulent pages can all contribute to a lack of uniformity for your online brand. These factors may prevent a business from developing a positive reputation, and they can lead to reduced customer engagement as well. This is of particular concern for businesses that focus on selling consumer products. If consumers are unable to find the right accounts/websites associated with your business, then your company risks losing their trust.

Social media in CPG is essential and so is social media governance. Not only do these companies have a larger brand portfolio than most companies, but they operate (typically) across the globe. That makes your digital footprint extremely large! Proper social media governance ensures that professionals can monitor priorities and processes associated with their brand across the web.

Brandle helps companies in this industry achieve their social media governance goals by offering them the ability to utilize a living inventory of sites and accounts associated with their brand –– whether they’re authorized or not. With this resource, companies can create a centralized governance system at the corporate level. This single source of truth can be accessed by any invited team member (with all or limited permissions). 

Brandle operates differently from other risk management software because our products can provide 100% coverage of your brand’s digital ecosystem. Our software doesn’t require full OAuth access to each social account, which means that social media directors will be able to identify and monitor social media accounts without needing Brandle to have access to every account. We do this with social network APIs and with the Domain Name Service for websites and domains. No more spreadsheets, no more confusing programs.

With Brandle your team will be able to effectively:

  • Maintain a continual social media audit
  • Regulate and curtail rogue accounts.
  • Manage counterfeit site c&d with legal
  • Ensure brand consistency across networks.
  • Manage local accounts.
  • Review which websites are placed on social accounts
  • Set Automated Criteria 
  • Keep up to date with global account managers
  • Protect your brand reputation.

Rather than struggling to perform intermittent manual audits, Brandle’s innovative software automatically audits the web for you and then houses it all for you in a single, convenient location.