Brandle® Logos



If you need to use one of our logos, perhaps for an article or an internal user guide for your global team, you can grab what you need here. 

Our main logo is horizontal with Brandle in either an espresso color or a gray. Depending on your background, you can choose the logo that works best for your needs. The Brandle bug is a transparent image, so the background will bleed through (just take a look at the logo in the footer of our website). 


Brandle Logos in .EPS Format

The EPS format allows you to size the image to your needs while maintaining the image integrity. Click the Logo image you prefer and an .EPS download will begin.




If you have different spacing concerns and our preferred horizontal logo is not optimal, you can use one of our stacked logo.



If you are placing our logo on a very vibrant background color, we prefer that you use a one color treatment (either Black or White) of the Brandle Logo. Just drop me a line with your needs and how you will be using the logo!
Janet Church


Brandle Colors

Brandle has four primary colors and additional secondary colors. Our main colors are below. We often us our Brown plus 20% as our darkest color in text. You would not place our color logos on vibrant backgrounds (such as our blue below) as the orange and blue would vibrate. If you need a logo to place on a vibrant color, please contact us for a one color (Black or White) logo.