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Brand Protection

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Is your brand protected online?

Digital brand protection ensures that businesses are able to identify and remediate threats to their brand reputation. There are many opportunities for companies to promote their brand online, and, as a result, there are just as many possibilities for fraudulent online activities to occur. The sale of counterfeit goods, pirated software, and stolen information cost the US economy an estimated $600 billion in 2016 and it continues to grow. It’s never been easier for fraudsters to infringe on intellectual property in their attempts to fool consumers. Without proper brand protection, a company isn’t just at risk for losing customer trust –– they could also stand to lose a significant amount of revenue.

Businesses with a global web presence face a number of threats related to their brand’s reputation. Counterfeiters may use a number of different methods to detract from a business’s brand. A few common examples include:

  • Setting up look-alike e-commerce stores.
  • Cybersquatting to “claim” social media handles or domain names.
  • Using intellectual property like brand names, logos, or slogans.
  • Phishing for customer information.
  • Creating fraudulent social media accounts.
  • Creating websites and social media accounts to sell counterfeit goods

Those are the big offenders, but smaller digital brand infringements can occur that hurt your brand. For example, well-meaning third-party partners may accidentally include inaccurate brand information on an account or website that misleads customers. Or abandoned accounts –– such as those run by former employees –– may also damage brand reputation because of their inactive status. 


Brand Protection & Web Presence Management

web presence management

One key feature of web presence management software is brand protection. Web presence management involves the discovery, monitoring, management, and protection of points-of-presence (POPs) related to a given business –– including social media, video sites, websites, blogs, and industry networks.

Web presence management enables professionals to conduct new presence discovery as well as manage a digital inventory. This way, professionals can identify potential threats to their business’s brand online, determine who is operating those presences, and either have them shut down or monitor them closely. Quality risk management involves both monitoring internally run accounts (as these can be threat vectors for cyber attacks) and those operating outside of company jurisdiction. 

If a company doesn’t have a clear picture of their entire digital footprint (authorized and unauthorized), it will be unable to ensure digital brand protection. Companies that are able to implement a strong web presence management solution can shut down counterfeit accounts, handle threats as they arise, promote corporate compliance, and ensure brand equity. 

Brand perception and customer trust are extremely high priorities for corporations. While businesses can’t stop hackers, counterfeiters, and “haters” from attempting to undermine their efforts, they can take action to manage all points-of-presence that are representing or relating to them and protect their brand.

At Brandle, we specialize in social media governance and web presence management, and we can help your business gain a clear picture of its online presence. We then will help you stay on top of your online branded ecosystem and threats. Contact us here for more information.


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Brandle Presence Manager: Your Brand Protection Solution



At Brandle, we help companies implement social media brand protection plans to gain a focused and controlled model of their digital presence. With the Brandle Presence Manager, global companies can gain better control over their social media presence, as well as improved oversight of other organizations and people who associate themselves with their brand. All of these online points-of-presence are customer touch points that add, or subtract, from brand reputation.

If you are interested in learning the steps to create a best-in-class brand protection program, contact us today to set up a demo and gain control of your brand!