Social Media
Governance Plan 

This E-Book guides you through the process used by leading companies to manage cyber risks and optimize their digital brands.

This E-book by Brandle® guides you through the process of creating a comprehensive corporate Social Media Governance Plan.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The top corporate risk factors that keep CEOs awake at night, and why social media is an inroad to trigger these risks.
  • The steps it takes to create a solid Social Media Governance Plan that manages risks and optimizes your digital brand(s).
  • The key corporate stakeholders that must be part of your governance team.
  • The 360 audit process for corporate social media accounts, and the accounts that closely relate to your brands such as employee, influencer, and key partner accounts.
  • The monitoring procedures to stay on top of your governance and measure success.

This governance process is used by global enterprises to manage their digital footprint. Social media risk management is all about making the plan and working the plan!


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