Brandle for Risk, Fraud & Compliance Professionals

Protect Your Digital Brand Against Social Media Risk and Compliance Failures.



Top Use Cases

Social Media Risk Assessment

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Counterfeit/Rogue Account Discovery

Executive Impersonation Detection

Counterfeit and Phishing Website Detection

M&A Digital Discovery and Assessment


Do Counterfeit Sites, Credential Theft, and Compliance Issues Keep you Up at Night? 

Businesses in all industries face a myriad of threats to their digital brand every day. In fact, concern about damage to brand reputation due to a social media risk and digital infringement is something that keeps CEOs up at night. True, hackers can pose a big threat to your brand’s reputation online. Yet counterfeit pages, unmonitored groups representing your brand, fraudulent brand activity, and compliance mistakes on corporate and employee accounts may all prove equally as damaging.

Being tasked with ensuring that corporate risks are mitigated or compliance is achieved across the web is no small job. And it's an impossible job when handled manually. The web is a moving, breathing thing and  you need to keep up with it. 

Brandle will help you not only find the bad actors or compliance errors on social media and websites, it will help you find the positive as well. Then Brandle will help you eliminate the bad and support the good — across the globe — in one centralized platform.

With Brandle, you’ll never be left in the dark again! Plus, the more you use Brandle Presence Manager, the more effective it becomes at discovering and monitoring  POPs (points-of-presence) across the web.