Web Presence Management


The Brandle Presence Manager is the only social media governance solution that also provides comprehensive web presence management.

So what is web presence management?

A web presence is a location on the World Wide Web where a person, business, a community, or other entity is represented.

Examples of a web presence for a person could be a personal website, a blog, a profile page, a wiki page, or a social media point of presence (e.g. a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook account, or a Twitter account). Examples of a web presence for a business or some other entity could be a corporate website, a microsite, a page on a review site, a wiki page, or a social media point of presence (e.g., a LinkedIn company page and/or group, a Facebook business/brand/product page, or a Twitter account).

Every web presence is associated with a unique web address to distinguish one point of presence from another.

Web presence management is the process of establishing and maintaining a digital footprint on the web. The three factors that are considered include the following: where a person or business has web presence; how each web presence represents its enterprise; and what is published at a point of presence.

Web presence management is the discipline of determining and governing:

  • the distribution of policy documents
  • which platforms are most appropriate (e.g. internal vs. external blog, YouTube vs. Vimeo)
  • the single inventory of personal or corporate web presence (e.g. partners or advocates)
  • where on the web a business and any relatable assets are represented
  • where on the web a business and any relatable assets are impersonated or pirated
  • web properties with the particular entities they represent
  • who has control over which web properties
  • new web properties which are not in the personal or corporate inventory (e.g. someone creates a new presence)
  • authorized and unauthorized changes to the creation (e.g. branding) of a web presence
  • a workflow for creating a web property that follows its corporate standards

The purpose of a web presence management system is to manage the web presence of a business. This includes the collection of domain names, websites, social media, and other web pages where it is being represented (with approval or without). The tool generally offers the following key functions: new presence discovery, inventory management, change detection, access control, stakeholder coordination, and compliance workflow. 

To see the power of managing an entire corporate web presence (social media accounts, websites, blogs, microsites) read our white paper on the 7 Critical Steps to Tame Your Brand Presence.

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