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The First Cross-Platform Social Media Ad Accounts Manager

By Janet Church on January 02, 2020

Brandle, Inc., the pioneer of corporate social media governance, is pleased to announce our newest module for the Brandle Presence Manager — the Brandle Ad Accounts Manager. This module solves the challenges large enterprises face managing cross-platform ad accounts across the company and around the world.

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Brandle Tips: Automated Social Media Profile Monitoring

By Janet Church on December 06, 2015

Brandle Tips is a series of posts that highlight features and functions of the Brandle Presence Manager. We hope to make learning easier for our customers and to show other readers how easy web presence management can be!

Today's Brandle Tip is all about the Inventory Monitoring Column and how Brandle automatically monitors your social media profiles. When there is a monitoring issue, Brandle will email you the issues as well as present them in the Monitoring Column of the Inventory table. 

The key events that Brandle is presenting in the Monitoring Column are:

  • Profile Change Detection (Included with Brandle Presence Manager)
  • Compliance Criteria Failure (Included with the Compliance Module)

Each key event has multiple options that may be presented, and they all should be reviewed by a member of your Account Team. Once reviewed, the team member should either process the changes with the point-of-presence (POP) contact or approve the change and dismiss the issue. The rest of this post takes you through the steps.

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Web Presence and the Social Media Management Tool Space

By Janet Church on August 21, 2015

Are you responsible for managing, publishing, listening, or analyzing the data from your corporate social media properties?  If you spend part of your work day focused on any of these activities, then you are using at least one Social Media Management System!

The growth of Social Media in the corporate environment has created a large market for different tools that help you achieve different goals. Most people start with a publishing tool, but a new tool category is emerging called Web Presence Management which addresses the key needs of corporate web and social media governance.

Is it time your company adopts a Presence Manager?

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