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Web Presence and the Social Media Management Tool Space

August 21, 2015

Are you responsible for managing, publishing, listening, or analyzing the data from your corporate social media properties?  If you spend part of your work day focused on any of these activities, then you are using at least one Social Media Management System!

The growth of Social Media in the corporate environment has created a large market for different tools that help you achieve different goals. Most people start with a publishing tool, but a new tool category is emerging called Web Presence Management which addresses the key needs of corporate web and social media governance.

Is it time your company adopts a Presence Manager?

How Does Web Presence Fit in the Social Media Tools Space?

Social media management tools are a general group of SaaS solutions that help you manage and monitor any aspect of what occurs on social media involving your brand, campaigns, and people that relate to your business (such as employees, partners, and advocates). 

Tools can be categorized as either Content Management or Presence Management tools.  

Content Management

For the past decade, the social media tools sector has been focused on what is called the content stream. This is the area of a social media property where you post your messages and photos and (hopefully) begin a good conversation with customers about your services and products. These tools include solutions for publishing, content management, listening, archiving,  and various forms of data analysis. 

Presence Management

Now that social media has been around awhile, and large corporations are well-aware of the need for ongoing social business governance, a tool category has emerged called web presence managementPresence management tools search for, inventory and monitor properties that associate with your brand...and not what people are saying about your brand (that's the content stream). These tools are able to support many more forms of web presence (as they do not require access to the content stream) and inventory any social network, website, or blog that is associating with your brand.

A presence management solution considers any web property that associates itself with your brand(s), no matter if they are a corporate, employee, partner or counterfeit property.

This image gives you a quick look at the tools categories.



The Brandle Presence Manager is the easiest way to discover, inventory, manage and monitor your web presence. To learn more about web presence, check out our blog post What is your Corporate Presence?


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