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New Brandle Features Monitor Social Media Compliance in Posts!

October 05, 2020

Brandle SEcurity blog

At Brandle, we're all about helping customers govern their corporate digital footprint and mitigate social media security risks. Monitoring compliance in social media profiles has been at the forefront of the Brandle Presence Manager, and now, Brandle is pleased to announce POP Post Governance to help govern social media compliance for posts.  

Why did Brandle venture into social media posts when there are so many other tools that publish and monitor post content? Because the governance and risk perspective is different than the marketing perspective of social media. 

Let's look at POP Post Governance and how it can mitigate compliance and security risks that arise from a corporate social media footprint.

What questions are answered with POP Post Governance?

With POP Post Governance, a customer can answer these questions:

1. Are social media posts compliant across the entire corporate digital footprint?  This is a  big question for employees posting to their own accounts that are used for business. If you are in a regulated company, compliance is a federal and state requirement. Or if you have a formal employee ambassador program, monitoring is likely part of the program.

2. Are all global team members using only the authorized publishing tool to post to corporate properties? This is where Brandle is governing internal tool use and helping you mitigate security risks due to unauthorized attached app.

3. What is the range of publishing tools being used across the globe to post to corporate properties? With this knowledge, you can determine the best course of action to mitigate risks for the corporation. 

Answering these questions can keep you compliant and can uncover the hidden social media security risks.

What is POP Post Governance?

POP Post Governance includes three tabs within the GRC Module of the Brandle Presence Manager. These are:

  1. POP Posts. This allows the compliance or governance team to apply criteria to posts, and be alerted when a post fails criteria. Brandle also keeps the most recent 7days of posts.
  2. POP Post Source allows you to review the Source of the post.
  3. POP Post Publisher is the view that lists which POPs and Posts are being published to the platform for specific publishing tools.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 8.50.50 AM

POP Post Monitoring

In POP Post Monitoring, Brandle brings in posts from the POPs in your Inventory so you can apply Criteria and monitor for text to be present or not. If you are responsible for monitoring compliance within a social profile AND posts, then this feature will be very valuable for you. The GRC module is required for accessing the POP Posts feature. 

Brandle designed POP Post Monitoring to:

  1. See the last 7 days of posting activity (after a full monitoring refresh when all POP OAuths and User Tokens are enabled).
  2. Flag Posts that fail a customer's Criteria.
  3. Show posting frequency.

The contents of the post will be displayed and any Criteria alert that has been activated will be listed. Additionally, when a Criteria fails for a POP Post, the condition is also raised against the POP and will be visible so you know that the POP itself is out of compliance because a post is out of compliance.

POP Post Source and POP Post Publisher

One of the challenges of global governance has been enforcing the use of only approved corporate social media publishing platforms. It can be so easy for managers to post natively or connect and use an unauthorized tool or website they prefer. That can be a significant risk in a corporate setting. After all, social media is a key threat vector for bad actors to get behind the corporate firewall. Your governance and risk teams have invested significant time and effort to license and stand up the right publishing tools for your company to reduce these risks.

This is why we created POP Post Source and POP Post Publisher. This represents an advancement in your ability to govern how posts are made to social media POPs by your broader team members. These features currently support Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

POP Post Sources Tab

For every POP Post retrieved from the platform API, a POP Post Source record is created. While POP Posts are only kept for 7 days (unless a Criteria Condition is raised or a Task is opened against it), POP Post Sources are kept for a much longer period of time for analysis and audit purposes. A POP Post Source record identifies which POP made the post, when the post was published and, if available, what application was used to publish the Post — i.e. the post's metadata. These records are displayed on the POP Post Sources tab. The tab currently shows the Post Sources for the last 90 days.

POP Post Publishers Tab

For every POP Post Source, a POP Post Publisher record is created if the platform reports the publisher (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) and a record for that POP Post Publisher is not already in the system. These are displayed on the POP Posts Publishers tab.

POP Post Sources and POP Post Publishers are linked to one another to make it easy to see: a) All Posts Sources (metadata) for the last 90 days; b) A summary of all Post Sources by POP; and c) Publishers used to produce these Posts.


We believe these features allow customers to enhance their governance around social media compliance issues in posts, as well as have the ability to govern their internal tool use. This is a great step forward in finding the security risks that can impact your corporation!
If you'd like a demo of the Brandle Presence Manager, just reach out to us!


Janet Church
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