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Brandle at Incite Group Brand Marketing Summit

June 26, 2019

The Brand Marketing Summit

Brandle, Inc. was honored to present at the Incite Group Brand Marketing Summit last month. The Brand Marketing Summit brought together senior brand leaders from across the country for this two-day event in San Francisco. Presenters empowered hundreds of marketing leaders with strategic insights, best practices, and information on the latest marketing innovations. Brandle’s co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Janet Church, presented alongside other industry leaders from major corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Qualcomm.

Church drew on her 25 years of tech-industry experience to discuss the necessity for corporations to have a solid social media and web presence governance program. Church used this opportunity to teach marketing professionals how to implement sound governance practices to best protect their brands and corporate reputation. She guided attendees through the key elements of a strong governance program and the best practices used by global companies when monitoring a large digital ecosystem.

In our ever-changing digital landscape, it’s more important now than ever for corporations to protect themselves online. While it’s wonderful that there are now so many digital channels to reach audiences, these channels also present significant risks to your company! Brandle is the easiest way to discover, monitor, manage and protect the online properties that represent your brands. Contact us to learn more about how we can help manage your risk and protect your business and check out Janet Church's presentation below:


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