Social Media
Team Member Transition Checklist

Ensure that you complete all off-boarding tasks when a social media team member departs, and on-boarding tasks for new team members! 

This Spreadsheet created by Brandle® guides you through the process to for off-boarding departing social media team members and on-boarding new team members!

Here are the highlights of the spreadsheet:

  • Track the employees, agency members, and consultants (in transition) that have access to your social media accounts.
  • Ensure access to all accounts are revoked. Ensure access is granted to new team members. 
  • Note all email changes, phone number changes on POP.
  • Review app access to POPs and revoke/grant app access from team members
  • Determine access rights (grant/revoke) to corporate SaaS tools and MarTech stack.
  • Determine need to monitor employee after termination/adding to inventory, if in a regulated industry.

This governance process is used by global enterprises to manage the team member ebb and flow for the management of their digital footprint. Social media risk management is all about making the plan and working the plan!


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