Social Media Compliance for the Mortgage Industry

The mortgage industry has specific social media governance and compliance challenges with every state and the CFPB looks to highlight examples of non-compliant loan officers. That's why Brandle has specialized in understanding your needs to discover accounts created by loan officers and monitor these accounts for compliance. Perhaps some of our Mortgage specific data can help you set the stage for success!


Mortgage Risk Report by Brandle, Inc.Mortgage Industry Risk Report

This data sheet highlights the key laws and regulations that the Mortgage Industry needs to follow in order to be compliant when state regulators or the CFPB come knocking on your door. Download now! 




Social Media Compliance Checklist - Mortgage by Brandle, Inc.

Social Media Compliance Checklist for the Mortgage Industry

The Mortgage Industry has significant challenges with all of the new regulations giving guidance on Social Media marketing to consumers. Staying in compliance for the CFPB and state auditors is no easy task!  This compliance checklist will help you develop, and maintain, a sound social media governance practice. Download now!




White Paper: Social Media in the Mortgage IndustryBrandle Mortgage_Whitepaper.png

Read our Mortgage Industry Social Footprint report of the Scotsman Guide Top 25 companies and see how companies that lead in revenue also lead in social media use. Download now!




Scotsman Guide Highlights Brandle for Mortgage

Chip Roberson and Janet Church were asked by the Scotsman Guide editor to help provide insight into Social Media Risks and Rewards for the mortgage industry. Read article now!