Brandle Data Sheets, White Papers & E-books

These Brandle documents give you a deeper look at how the Brandle Presence Manager can help you with your corporate social media governance and web presence management challenges. 

Data Sheets


Brandle for Enterprise Data Sheet

This data sheet highlights the features and benefits that the Brandle Presence Manager provides for every enterprise concerned with controlling a distributed web presence and managing the risks associated with social media. Learn how Brandle helps you Discover, Inventory, Monitor and Patrol your web and social presence. Download now!



White Papers & E-Book 

We hope our e-book white papers give you additional insight and information that supports your brand presence and social media governance strategy.


E-Book — Social Media Governance Plan

This E-book by Brandle® guides you through the process of how to create a comprehensive and corporate-wide Social Media Governance Plan for a Social Enterprise. There are twelve key steps included in this book and plenty of examples to help you set your business goals for governance and help you manage the risks inherent in a social enteprise.




Brandle Enterprise_Case_Study.pngEnterprise Social Media Audit – Case Study

This white paper details how a global enterprise struggled with multiple social media and web audits and how they were able to achieve their goals with the Brandle Presence Manager. Download now!

EnBrandle 7_Critical_Steps.pngterprise Social Media Account Management – 7 Critical Steps

This white paper details the seven critical steps every social enterprise needs to consider when managing a large and distributed brand presence.   Download now!

Social Media in the Mortgage IndustryBrandle Mortgage_Whitepaper.png

Read our Mortgage Industry Social Footprint report of the Scotsman Guide Top 25 companies and see how companies that lead in revenue also lead in social media use. Download now!